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As the name implies, Vegan (Re)views is a database of links to “vegan” views (and reads and listens) – and “vegan” reviews of these views! (It’s an Animal-Friendly Film+ List, if you will.)

In other words, Vegan (Re)views is a collection of:

  • Media (film, television, music, literature and theatre) which addresses veganism, vegetarianism, animal advocacy, environmentalism, and/or some other aspect of the human-animal bond, whether from a speciesist or (preferably) anti-speciesist perspective. Not every piece of media in the database takes an “animal-friendly” (whether welfare or rights) stance, though I’ve tried my very best to include as many positive pieces as possible.
  • Reviews of the above media, where available, with a heavy emphasis on vegan/animal rights/anti-speciesist/anti-oppressive authors and perspectives. All of the reviews published on POP! goes The Vegan. are included by default.

Please note that the inclusion of a movie, television show, artist, author and/or review or blog post does not indicate my approval of or agreement with all of the messages raised or statements made therein.

Content & Structure

The database is divided into five pages, each of which displays the entries for a different type of media, i.e., film, television, music, literature and theatre.

Within each page, the media entries are sorted alphabetically by title, artist and/or release date and appear in bold type for easy browsing. Each media entry includes a number of helpful links, such as those to IMDB and Amazon pages, individual Wikipedia entries or media-specific Wikis, and/or official or fan websites, all of which are placed within [brackets]. These links are especially helpful (and numerous!) for those pieces of media for which I have yet to locate (or write!) a vegan-minded review.

Links to relevant reviews are displayed as a list (indented and in bullet point) under the associated piece of media. The entries consist of publication date (year-month-day), blog name and post title. These are sorted by date, with the oldest reviews appearing at the top of the list.

Thus, each individual media page is slightly different:

  1. Film

    “Film” entries display movie title and release date, followed by IMDB, website and alternate links. Entries are sorted alphabetically, as well as by release date, if necessary.

  2. Television

    “Television” entries display series or show title, as well as dates of the series’ original run, followed by IMDB, website and alternate links. Entries are sorted alphabetically by series title. Mini-series and specials appear in line with television series.

  3. Music

    “Music” entries display the artist, followed by Amazon, website and alternate links. Entries are sorted alphabetically by artist. Compilation albums appear under the artist heading “Various” and also include the album title.

  4. Literature

    “Literature” entries display the author’s name (last name first), followed by the title of the published work, as well as the original publication date. Links include Amazon, the author or book’s official website, and alternate links. Entries are sorted alphabetically by author and book title.

  5. Theatre

    “Theatre” entries display the title of the play followed by the first year it ran, as well as links to the show’s official website and alternate online resources. Entries are sorted alphabetically by play title.

Fairly intuitive, yeah?
Suggestions & Feedback

The Vegan (Re)views Database is a work in progress, and is continually being updated. As always, I welcome your suggestions and feedback.

In particular, I’m in search of the following:

  • Media recommendations. Do you know of an animal-friendly movie, television show, musical artist or album, book or author, and/or play that’s not listed in the database? Send me a brief description of the media and a link (IMDB, Amazon, website, etc.) if possible so that I can include it!
  • Links to vegan/animal-friendly reviews or analyses. Whether the given piece of media is missing from the database entirely or is already present with twelve reviews and counting, I’m always on the lookout for more reviews! Blurbs, videos, and event notices aren’t really helpful unless they contain a synopsis and commentary, however.
  • The names of vegan/animal-friendly bloggers who regularly (or even just occasionally) feature reviews and/or pop culture commentary. This way, I can add these pioneers of vegan pop culture to my reading list and link to their reviews in real time!

Send me your tips at easyvegan [at], and I will be eternally grateful!
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The Vegan Re(views) Database was last updated on January 1, 2011.

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