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Is that a pot of gold in your pocket, or do you just have the biggest balls evah?

Monday, October 22nd, 2007 by

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As promised…a week late, but no less sweet. Dennis Kucinich! Emptying his pockets! On The Colbert Report!

After the jump, Stephen announces his candidacy. Colbert/Kucinich ’08, anyone?


Dennis Kucinich! On The Colbert Report! Tonight!

Monday, October 15th, 2007 by

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Emptying his pockets, even!

Don’t miss it! *

* I’m sure I’ll post the vid tomorrow, so I guess you can miss it, after all. But seriously – don’t miss it.

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The Colbert Report, Wednesday, October 10, 2007
Dead to Me – Pocketmaster
Dennis Kucinich accepts Stephen’s challenge to empty his pockets on The Colbert Report. (3:04)

I don’t suppose you happen to have an October surprise in there, Mr. Kucinich?

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007 by

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