Kelly Garbato is a heathen vegan feminist who *hearts* good vegan eats and blaming the kyriarchy. A native Rochester, New Yorker, she currently lives in rural Missouri with her husband and six furkids (five dogs and a cat). Kelly’s interests include animal and human rights, pop culture, language, and the intersecting nature of oppressions.

After several years of writing about animal-un/friendly entertainment elsewhere, Kelly launched POP! goes The Vegan in January 2010 with the goal of highlighting and encouraging pop culture criticism from a vegan / animal advocacy perspective. Though she does not have a formal background in popular culture studies – rather, her B.A. is in psychology, with a few additional graduate courses under her belt – Kelly is an avid consumer of pop culture and often spends more time reading about her favorite movies and tv shows than she does watching them.

Kelly also blogs at and Animal Rights & AntiOppression, maintains the satirical website Schlongs4Seals, and spends way too much time farting around on Flickr, Library Thing, Twitter and Facebook.

You can reach Kelly at easyvegan -at- gmail -dot- com.
2009-03-06 - South Park Kelly 02
Looking for a Few Geeky Vegans

Dear interwebbers,

If you are interested in contributing a(n occasional) guest post, please see the Submissions page for details and guidelines.

In the future, I also hope to find a few (semi-) regular co-contributors, thus making POP! more of a team effort. If this piques your interest, further details are available @ Submissions. A vegan/anti-oppression ethos and a love of movies, television, music, literature and/or theatre is a must; an old-timey popcorn machine, a plus.

Stay sweet (and vegan!),

– Kelly
Last updated 8/8/10

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