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a brief programming note

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010 by

Update, 9/23/10: …and I’m back – in body, if not spirit. Details here.


Starting tomorrow and through September 20th, I’ll be on vacation and offline. Presumably, anyhow; I’ll be visiting my family in New York, and until I arrive, I’ve no idea what my internet/computer access and schedule will look like. I think it’s one of those situations where either I’ll be super-busy and hardly around at all, or extremely bored and using the extra time to tackle a backlog of work. Either way, expect spotty comment moderation, slow or no replies to email, and a near-total lack of blog posts during this time. (What’s new, you ask? j/k!)

In October (hopefully), keep an eye out for some much-needed changes to this here space, including a move of the Vegan (Re)views Database to the main page, where it should be (because, duh, it’s the main attraction!), as well as a contact form for easy link submissions and an improved search feature. Until then, please to send me your vegan review recommendations at easyvegan [at], mkay? It’s much appreciated!

Biff! Bam! Kapow! (And welcome!)

Monday, January 25th, 2010 by

Super Kelly!

Welcome to the launch of POP! goes The Vegan., a pop culture blog written for vegans, by (a) vegan(s). Specifically, the aim of POP! is to dissect and critique film, television, music, theatre and literature, examining pieces of each from an animal rights / vegan / anti-oppressive perspective.

POP! has been a painfully long time coming. Some (many?) of you probably already know me from, an animal rights blog that’s much more general in scope than POP!. While began as an action-oriented blog, lately I’ve been focusing on issues of intersectionality over there, with the occasional pop culture post thrown in for fun. Inspired by the Bechdel Test Movie List database, I thought it might be fun to collect all my movie reviews in one place, thus creating a sort of “animal friendly film list.” Though slow to come to fruition, the idea quickly ballooned, resulting in what you see here. I’m still tweaking the site, so please bear with me!

Many animal-friendly bloggers sporadically discuss popular culture (with not a few blogs devoted to celebrity gossip) – but to the best of my knowledge, POP! is the first and only vegan blog that is dedicated solely to popular culture studies (wherein “popular culture studies” is my fancy way of saying “sometimes-critical movie and television reviews”). In this vein, I hope POP! fills a void in the vegan internets.

While POP! only went live in January, the blog archives reach way back to July 2007. All of the posts dated prior to 1/20/10 originally appeared on; when I crossposted them here in anticipation of the blog’s launch, I archived the posts under their original publication dates. I expect that there will be some crossposting in the future, however, from here on out, most of the posts appearing on POP! will be original pieces. If you’re a regular reader, please add to your reader or blogroll as well!

If you’d like to get in on the action, I’d love to have you! For the time being, I’m hoping to bring a few guest bloggers on board. I watch more television than I should, but even I can’t keep up with all the shows and movies out there! If you’d like to submit a post or idea, hop on over to the Submissions page for details.

Relax, kick back, and enjoy the show!