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a brief programming note

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010 by

Update, 9/23/10: …and I’m back – in body, if not spirit. Details here.


Starting tomorrow and through September 20th, I’ll be on vacation and offline. Presumably, anyhow; I’ll be visiting my family in New York, and until I arrive, I’ve no idea what my internet/computer access and schedule will look like. I think it’s one of those situations where either I’ll be super-busy and hardly around at all, or extremely bored and using the extra time to tackle a backlog of work. Either way, expect spotty comment moderation, slow or no replies to email, and a near-total lack of blog posts during this time. (What’s new, you ask? j/k!)

In October (hopefully), keep an eye out for some much-needed changes to this here space, including a move of the Vegan (Re)views Database to the main page, where it should be (because, duh, it’s the main attraction!), as well as a contact form for easy link submissions and an improved search feature. Until then, please to send me your vegan review recommendations at easyvegan [at], mkay? It’s much appreciated!