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  • Add your voice to Biz Markie’s Earth Day remix of “Just a Friend”!

    In honor of Earth Day, Biz Markie and the Climate Protection Action Fund want you to rap (or lip sync) along to a “clean energy” version of his ’80s classic “Just a Friend.” Repower America will provide the lyrics and instructions; you just need a web cam and an internet connection. Here are the details:

    What do Earth Day, YouTube’s home page and a rap classic have in common?


    On April 22, we’ll be releasing a remix of the top-ten-hit song “Just a Friend” performed by Biz Markie and Repower America supporters from across the country. It’s going to be featured all day on YouTube’s home page — and you can be part of the fun!

    You don’t need a perfect singing voice to get involved — and for that matter, you don’t even need to know the song. In fact, the chorus to Biz Markie’s song is famous for being beautifully off-key. If you’re still not convinced that you’re ready to bust out rapping on tape, just lip-sync or dance in your video. (Or get your kids to.) The only thing that matters is that you participate — in whatever way works for you.

    We’ve got everything else you need to sing along — lyrics, music and a video showing you how to record your own version.

    Check it out and add your voice to the Biz Markie Earth Day remix right now:

    Naturally, the “eco-friendly” lyrics ignore the role of meat, egg and dairy production in climate change – which is well in keeping with environmental organizations’ unwillingness to address human privilege and its many attendant ills. That said, perhaps some of you more creative types can work a reference or two to veganism into your own video? If you’re interested, you have to move fast – the deadline for submissions is midnight tomorrow night, April 18th. Eastern time, I presume?

  • In an upcoming episode, the long-running NBC procedural crime drama Law & Order: SVU will feature an animal rights plotline:

    After a young woman is sexually assaulted and murdered, Detectives Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Eliot Stabler (Chris Meloni) track down the woman’s boyfriend – their first suspect – but learn that he is a devout vegan who wouldn’t hurt a fly. They soon find that the victim had been deeply involved in the fight to expose questionable practices in the meat-packing industry, even going undercover at a large company to find out the truth. Benson goes undercover herself to retrace the woman’s footsteps and to identify who the victim might have angered along the way.

    “Beef” will air this Wednesday, April 21, on NBC at 10PM EDT.

    (Many thanks to Vegan Burnout and POP! guest-blogger Shannon for the heads-up!)

  • Defenders of Wildlife: Urge Discovery Communications to Drop Sarah Palin’s New Show

    Probably you’ve already heard the news: Discovery is working with Sarah Palin to develop an environmental/wildlife documentary for its TLC network. Sarah’s Palin’s Alaska, will reportedly earn the animal-killing, aerial wolf hunt-sanctioning, corporate polluter-protecting ex-presidential candidate $250,00 per episode (that’s $2 million spread over eight episodes, y’all!) – and cost Discovery its credibility (which was already nil with this vegan; Deadliest Catch and 19 Kids and Counting, anyone?).

    Led by Defenders of Wildlife, animal advocates are loudly voicing their opposition to this most unholy of partnerships; you can add your voice to the chorus here. Happily, rumor has it that advertisers are also unimpressed.

  • Let’s Retake Our Plates: A Film Series

    Through Whole Foods’s main website, I stumbled upon its campaign, wherein the company encourages consumers to “know the story behind [their] food” (cue: happy meat nonsense; groan!). While the website isn’t nearly as vegan-oriented as it should be, try to overlook the speciesism – at least long enough to browse the Film Series page. The list features a number of eco-/animal-friendly food-themed films that are currently being screened throughout the United States, including: Food, Inc.; King Corn; End of the Line; The Future of Food; No Impact Man; Fast Food Nation; Tapped; even Soylent Green! Whether you missed any of these the first time around, or want to treat a friend or two to a night out, check out the Film Series for entertainment with an activist edge.

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