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Hello hello, and welcome to POP!’s very first link love link roundup. I’ve been collecting vegan pop culture links for months now, so this one’s a doozy. That said, the link love posts should be much more manageable from here on out!

Frac Attack! soundtrack cover artwork

Before we get started – please, feel free to promote your own vegan pop posts or share a link or two in the comments.

Frac Attack: Dawn of the Watershed (A short environmental zombie thriller) – A new independent environmental zombie film brought to you by the talented folks at Shirari Industries and The Dacha Project. R and PG-13 rated versions, both of which clock in at the 17-to-18 minute range, are available for viewing on the film’s website.

Karol Orzechowskiof: Field Trip – Via Mary at Animal Person comes this short film (and accompanying images) shot by Karol Orzechowskiof (of Animal Voices) at Toronto’s Royal Agricultural Winter Fair’s Education Ring, “where thousands of children per year are conditioned to accept a corporate-sponsored and increasingly mechanized system of intensive animal agriculture.” You can view the video and learn more on field trip.

Zach Cincotta @ vegansaurus: Movie review: Meat, the thinking person’s slaughterhouse documentary – A review of the 1976 Frederick Wiseman documentary Meat, which sounds like something I wouldn’t even dare watch on Halloween. Also worth noting: Wiseman has apparently directed a number of other animal-themed documentaries (as per imdb), including Zoo, Racetrack, and Primate. Un/fortunately, Netflix doesn’t have a very large collection of Wiseman’s work available for viewing.

Zach Cincotta @ vegansaurus: Movie review: Au hasard Balthazar (it’s about a French donkey, you’re gonna love it!) – On Au hasard Balthazar, or “the existential donkey movie.” Reportedly a real tear-jerker, this one will not be making an appearance in my Netflix queue any time soon.

Zach Cincotta @ vegansaurus: Movie review: The Future of Food – Okay, this is Zach’s fist movie review for vegansaurus, and thus our last vegansarus link for today. Directed by Deborah Koons Garcia (Jerry Garcia’s widow!), Zach writes that The Future of Food “mines a lot of the same material as the more recently released Food, Inc., but without the head-scratchingly ridiculous hypocrisy inherent in the latter movie‚Äôs stance on animals.” Possibly you’ve also noticed that The Future of Food makes an appearance in one of POP!’s background collages?

Tru Blood Liquor from HBO

Vlad the Vegan Vampire – “A geeky comic about politics, pop culture, and how no one cares. Updated Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.”

(Speaking of veg vampires!) Jennie @ That Vegan Girl: Vegans and vampires – An awesome post about vegetarianism/veganism and popular vampire fiction, particularly Twilight and True Blood.

(Speaking of veg vampires, redux!) Twilight and Philosophy: Vampires, Vegetarians, and the Pursuit of Immortality (The Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series) by Rebecca Housel, J. Jeremy Wisnewski and William Irwin, eds. – Specifically, check out Part I, which features essays like “You Look Good Enought to Eat: Love, Madness, and the Food Analogy” and “Dying to Eat: The Vegetarian Ethics of Twilight.” It’s on my wishlist, though I’ve vowed not to buy any new books until after I’ve conquered my latest book pile. So, it’ll be a few years.

Stephanie @ Animal Rights: Movie Advocates Warmly for Dogs but Fails Other Animals – Christmas is long gone (I even took down my x-mas decorations on Sunday, boohoo!), but in this soon-to-be-vintage post, Stephanie reviews the made-for-tv Hallmark movie A Dog Named Christmas from an animal rights perspective. The verdict? Not so merry.

Doris Lin @ Doris’ Animal Rights Blog: Martha Stewart’s Disappointing Vegetarian Episode – Another holiday-themed post, this one from Thanksgiving. Doris refutes the idea that this was a vegetarian-themed show – “Some of the segments were very anti-vegetarian.” – and discusses her love-hate relationship with Stewart.

District 9 Poster

Elaine @ Vegan Soapbox: Support Non-Human Rights and Prof Susurro @ Like a Whisper: District 9: Do You See What I see? Elaine and Prof Susurro offer vegan and feminist/anti-racist reviews of the 2009 alien oppression film District 9, respectively. I thought it was so-so, for the reasons laid out by both authors. (The viral artwork rocks, though.)

Laura Leslie @ The Lantern Books Blog: Oppression, Revolution, and “the Other” … Doctor Who-style – Laura examines a 2008 episode of Doctor Who, which “did an excellent job paralleling human oppression of a species called the Ood with a host of examples of human domination over those deemed “other,” including the modern animal agriculture industry.” Also: the Holocaust, sweatshop labor, and slavery. All in just one episode. Wheh! Why am I not watching this show?

The New York Times: On Screens Soon, Abused Earth Gets Its Revenge – Admittedly, I’m reaching way back with this list of environmental thrillers from 2007; on the plus side, at least you’ll have something to watch the next time you’re snowed in for the weekend.

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