Veg*nism & Pop Culture: But does Costa Rica have an extradition treaty?

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Very minor spoilers ahead.

I’m a few months late on this – for some inexplicable reason, my DVR “forgot” to record this Very Special episode of CSI, and for an even more inexplicable reason, it took the Mr. and I months to notice – but in the interest of closure, I just have to mention it anyway.

Early on in Season 9 of CSI, vegetarian and animal advocate Jorja Fox left the show; a few weeks after her departure, the writers dropped a subtle hint that her character, Sarah Sidle, had joined up with Paul Watson and his band of sometimes-merry eco-terrorist pirates at the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (if you’re not a regular visitor to Sea Shepherd’s website, you probably would have missed the URL).

Fast-forward a few months, to the Season 9 episode “One to Go” (9×10). Sarah’s on-again, off-again, is-he-her-fiance-or-isn’t-he? love interest, Gil Grissom (William Petersen) is quitting CSI as well. Most of the episode focuses on Grissom’s last case with Las Vegas CSI, and also serves to introduce Gil’s replacement, Dr. Langston (Laurence Fishburne!?).

However, in the last few minutes, we see Grissom

walk the halls smiling to himself as he looks in each room at the lab and sees Brass, Hodges and Wendy, other CSIs, Robbins and Riley, Stokes and Greg. He catches Catherine’s eye in one room and she winks at him. He smiles broadly and turns and walks away. The screen blurs, fades to white and cuts to Grissom wandering a jungle, dressed in a hat and sweaty gear examining a GPS marked Costa Rica. His eyes light on a bug for a moment. He walks into a clearing where a woman, whose back is to the camera, is taking a picture of a monkey in a tree. The woman turns and it’s Sara (Jorja Fox). They take each other in for a moment and then embrace and kiss, passionately.

As Cindy pointed out in the comments to a previous post, Sarah mentioned in an earlier episode that she planned to travel to the Galapagos; and indeed, Sea Shepherd’s activities include an effort to save the Galapagos, so that’s probably where she was (or was heading) when we saw her email Grissom. So why on earth are the two now in Costa Rica, hmmmm?

Though Sea Shepherd says that its “flagship, the R/V Farley Mowat officially began her career in the waters off Costa Rica appropriately immersed in controversy over policing actions against illegal fishing activities,” I can’t seem to find any current campaigns or activities they’re conducting in the area. So I can’t say whether Gil and Sarah are still with Sea Shepherd, or have branched out on their own. Maybe the Sea Shepherd crew took a detour or made a pit stop; or perhaps Sarah and Gil are working with another environmental organization, one based in Costa Rica.

We can only hope it’s as radical, kick-ass and militant as the “terra-ist” sea shephards.

As for CSI’s animal-friendliness post-Fox, we haven’t seen any animal exposes this season, however, there was a case in which a good-sized “pet” turtle ended up with blood spatter and a fingerprint on her shell after a homicide/suicide. While other cop shows might merely treat the hapless animal like any other prop (*cough*Law & Order*cough*), the good folks at the LV Crime Lab express concern for her well-being, going so far as to assure one another that the materials used to lift the print will not harm their only witness to the crime.

It was all very cute, maybe even a little silly, but I so loved them for it. Little victories!

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